17th August 2012:

It seems like its been such a long time since I last paid a visit to Tumblr which feels quite strange as it seems like I’ve been too busy and just haven’t had time to come on here but it isn’t for that reason at all that ive neglected you. Since sixth form finished I have had absolutely no life what so ever and have done hardly anything, I’ve become a disgusting, lazy being that just doesnt do anything and I hate myself for it. It feels strange to say it but I really do miss school. It was a purpose in life and most of all it managed to pull all of the people that mean so much to me together, in one place and allowed me to see them almost every day. I miss the routine, the need to wake up in the morning.

I can see and feel the people around me changing and developing into people that I no longer seem to recognise anymore. Some who I used to be so close to are just getting further and further away and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do to stop it from happening. I guess this is just part of ‘growing up’ and flying the nest but I really am surprised at how quickly it’s happening.

For my closest friends who are moving on to bigger and brighter things in uni I wish all of you all the luck in the world and I just know each and every one of you will be fantastic in whatever you end up doing. I will always be here for you, even if that doesnt work the other way around.